The data subject's right to information has existed for a long time, but it was not until the introduction of the GDPR that it gained importance in practice. On February 9, Dr. Jürgen Hartung gave a particularly informative lecture on the subject under the heading "Right of access of the data subject under the GDPR". More than 120 participants followed the lecture of the public lecture series "Data Protection in Practice" online.

Suddenly there is case law on data protection. Thus, for various reasons, people request to check the lawfulness of the processing and storage of their personal data. Dr. Jürgen Hartung, attorney and partner at the independent law firm Oppenhoff & Partner, frequently deals with the matter.

Hartung presented different scenarios and explained his clients' claims through a number of exciting cases. In one case, the parents of a deceased person requested the access data of the latter to various online platforms; in another case, a departing employee sent company internals to his private e-mail address - in his law firm, Hartung often encounters cases for which there is no uniform jurisdiction to date.

The first step is to determine whether the person requesting the data is authorized to request it in the first place. Then, the inquirer should be able to identify himself. Next the disclosed data is determined- it does not always have to be every detail. If the right of access is valid, it must also be decided whether the data subject has the right to the information itself or even to a copy of the data. Every time, a new balance needs to be struck.

What made the lecture exciting, among other things, was the presentation of the scenarios from different perspectives, from the point of view of private individuals, of companies,  of a website operator or an insolvency administrator. Hartung vividly illustrated the perspectives of the different parties, so that the respective motivations were easy for the participants to understand.



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Last public lecture on February 16:

We are pleased to invite you: On February 16, you will have one more chance to participate online. The topic will be: Pandemic and data protection - the Corona warning app. The speaker will be SAP Group Privacy Officer Mathias Cellarius.


The lecture series will be held by Zoom video conference. You are required to install Zoom in order to participate online.

Interested parties are welcome to attend by Zoom video conference, using this link: Zoom-Meeting The meeting ID is 817 2915 2962.

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16. February 2021

Pandemie und Datenschutz – die Corona-Warn-App

Mathias Cellarius, SAP SE, Konzerndatenschutzbeauftragter

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